IVY league counseling

“For students seeking admission to universities like Harvard, Yale, Penn, Wharton, Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, MIT, Cal Tech, Northwestern, Chicago, London Business School, Oxford, Cambridge, Johns Hopkins etc.”

Premier Ivy League Consulting is a high end, boutique college admissions counseling for high-achieving students seeking admission to the top universities and colleges around the world. Our college counselors have the talent, intelligence and experience to bring out the best from students. We will assist you in enhancing your competitive stature in an ultra-selective field and this service will make you stand out as an elite student. For students gearing for admission to top 25 private and public colleges and universities, our counseling will provide you with the highest level of individualized and comprehensive assistance, which is a hallmark of our firm. Quite simply, we help maximize admissions credentials of our clients and help them to provide greatest range of best-fit college choices. Salient features are:

College and University Selection. 
This is one of the most overlooked steps in the college admissions process. However, you are not going to get what you should out of your college education if you rush through this step and miss out on applying to your best-fit colleges. You could even run the risk of not being accepted into your top-choice programs.

Moreover, your admissions chances will be highest at the schools where you are a good "fit." We can help you select these schools, thereby maximizing both your probabilities of gaining admission and of attending the optimal school for you, based on your interests and goals.

Admissions Strategies. 
We help each of our clients develop a personalized admissions strategy and formulate a "story" that will set the over-riding themes of their applications. We will also determine the best way to highlight the applicant's strengths and to address any weaknesses or "holes" in their academic background or extracurricular experiences.

Drafting and Polishing Personal Statements and Essays. 
We help our clients select the content of their personal statements and essays, and advise them on how that material should be presented. We use our intimate knowledge of the college admissions process to carefully scrutinize each essay for opportunities to advance our clients' cases to the admission committees. We also review essays to ensure that the content serves to advance the client's chosen admission strategy, rather than becoming sidetracked. As a final step, we proofread each essay for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Interview Preparation. 
We help our clients prepare for college admissions interviews. We advise them on what to expect, how to prepare, what to say, and how to say it. We conduct mock admissions interviews and provide constructive critiques on interview performance. These mock sessions teach our clients what to expect in an actual interview, and they also help them to relax and therefore perform better when they are actually interviewed by admissions committees and alumni of their top-choice colleges.

Evaluating Admissions Options. 
We help clients understand and analyze their options when they receive simultaneous and multiple admissions offers from the top colleges. We can help you evaluate such factors as career opportunities, social life, and financial aid, and how each one fits into your admissions acceptance decisions.