Study abroad admissions

Minaky Consulting strives to bridge the gap between the overseas education providers and students through our network and affiliates with more than 500 colleges and universities across the globe. Minaky Consulting provides end to end services to students to ensure they are able to seek and get admission to Foreign Universities of their choice.

Minaky Consulting provides students all encompassing study abroad consulting services ranging from assistance on finding the right college / university to completing student applications and overseas support services. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the global education system. Our endeavor is to assist students in all aspects of the college admission process and we provide following services to help students realize their dreams:

  • Education Counseling to the students to ensure they select the right stream/university and country to pursue their education
  • Creation of appropriate resume for the students to enable them to apply to their University of Choice.
  • Provisioning of Enrollment Forms for Universities that are of interest to the student.
  • Assistance and support in filling the Enrollment Forms.
  • Submission of Enrollment Forms to the University.
  • Communication with University regarding admission
  • Ensuring appropriate documentation from the University to confirm their admission.
  • Facilitate appropriate loan / scholarships.
  • Assist and advise on visas, work permits, fees, accommodations, student life and placements.

Benefits to Students / Value proposition of Minaky Consulting

  • We provide turnkey solutions for students pursuing overseas education under one roof.
  • We take pride in our ability to provide accurate timely information and to be cost-effective, with the single goal of helping the student make the right decision. We do the same by placing students to the best fit course and destination.
  • All our services are provided in a hassle free, efficient and in a transparent environment.