Education consulting

Education is critical to the infrastructure of any country, serving as a primary engine for innovation and growth. Top-performing education systems empower individuals to maximize their true potential, regardless of their background or beginning circumstances.

Minaky Consulting provides specialized services for the education sector including government ministries, international funding institutions, universities and colleges, technical institutes, non-governmental organizations, school boards and independent schools. We develop and implement creative, appropriate and cost efficient solutions to the needs of the education sector. Our education consulting competencies will help to :

  • Change the culture and incentives to drive greater focus on student gains, college and workforce readiness, and closing of the achievement gap.
  • Identify pockets of success and implement changes in a way that is sustainable and strengthens the organizations or systems.
  • Transform education systems and institutions for better individual, social, and economic outcomes.

Minaky Consulting advice education institutions and agencies to help develop policies and planning tools that foster quality learning and research. Our integrated Education Consulting services range from strategy and management, to educational planning and the services are broadly classified as follows :

Education Planning

  • Needs assessment
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building
  • Program and staff planning and curriculum development
  • Teacher training

Resource and Management Planning

  • Organizational studies
  • Information systems for schools and colleges
  • Asset utilization and management
  • Strategic planning and Position Papers
  • Trends and Best Practice Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies