Education Tourism

Educational tourism has developed, because of the growing popularity of teaching and learning of knowledge and the enhancing of technical competency outside of the classroom environment. In educational tourism, the main focus of the tour or leisure activity includes visiting another country to learn about the culture, such as in Student Exchange Programs and Study Tours, or to work and apply skills learned inside the classroom in a different environment, such as in the International Practicum Training Program.

Globalizing the classroom experience

Redefining the classroom experience, educational tourism provides students with an opportunity to experience what lies beyond their horizon. Educational Tours introduce students to new experiences, teaching and learning techniques, people and lifestyle. We believe these tours will help students make the critical decision of deciding to study abroad before taking the actual plunge. Our tours are organized to focus on different levels including universities, corporate entities, lifestyle and meeting new people and cultures.

The tour plan with Minaky Consulting is more than an itinerary. The course curriculum is a learning experience. Every destination is an opportunity to contribute to a rich learning experience. Students are more than clients; they are voyagers on a noble journey in search of greater knowledge, truth and wisdom. We aim to go the extra mile to make the journey fascinating, absorbing and intriguing. Our educational tours are constructed around four key themes:

Our Educational tours include discounted airfare, ground transportation, hotel accommodation, tour director, and local guides. Our endeavor is to extend an opportunity of Educational travel to everybody – hence we are committed to offer the lowest prices, without compromising quality, safety and comfort. We offer the best value in educational tours in the market today. Minaky Consulting will support you at many levels – before travel, during the trip and after you return.

Language Immersion Tours

Our Language Immersion team works directly with you to design the perfect language experience for your students. With a range of tours across the globe, including our newest destinations to Munich and Rome, each customized program enhances students’ fluency and spoken confidence through authentic linguistic and cultural immersion. Days are built around specific themes like art or cuisine that tie together class lessons, cultural activities and interactions with locals.

Service Learning Tours

Our Service Learning Tours are designed to instill the humanitarian values that encourage a lifetime of service. Through a variety of service learning programs, we work closely with you to design an experience that will be the best fit for your group. Whether it’s a weeklong immersive stay in local communities or a few days of project work to introduce your students to the idea of service learning—our programs give you the opportunity to help where it’s needed most.

By making a positive impact in local communities, students gain the cultural empathy, global awareness and sense of leadership necessary to become true global citizens. In the end, they return home with a newfound understanding of collaboration and the motivation to make a difference in their own communities.

Global Student Leadership Summits

We’re bringing teachers and student leaders together from around the world to prepare and inspire them to solve today’s global challenges. For each Summit we pick a new topic and select a destination that can help bring it to life.

This unique series combines a Summit-themed tour with a two-day leadership conference where international student teams work together to design and present solutions to their global issue.

Preparing Students for the 21st Century

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, global education is more important than ever. Prepare your students for the challenges of the 21st century—while you inspire them—through a range of educational tours that provide in-depth exploration, authentic connections and hands-on experience.

We believe every student deserves the chance to experience educational travel.